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Tyler Spitzer, President and Director of Branding

Favorite Car: Ferrari Testarossa

Favorite thing about cars: “They can take you just about anywhere you want, at your own pace.”

Dream Job: General Manager of a Major League Baseball team


Connor Lennon, Director of Finance

Favorite Car: Koenigsegg Agera R

Favorite thing about cars: “My favorite thing about cars goes beyond the engineering or the culture. Anyone who is a car person knows the difference between them and someone who couldn’t care less about cars, and I’ve always felt bad for those people simply because they have no understanding of the experience they’re missing out on. That’s my favorite thing, the relationship between man and machine only car people can understand.”

Dream Job: Investment Management


Marcelo Chirinos, Director of Operations

Favorite Car: “A 1970 Datsun 240Z, but I’d take one of everything.”

Favorite thing about cars: “Driving them. This machine we call a car comes alive, and I get to control it.”

Dream Job: “Designing aerodynamic body kits for my own company… or Formula One Racing.”


Myles Henry, Photographer

Favorite car: 2000 Integra Type R

Favorite thing about cars: “The connectivity with the machine.”

Dream Job: Mixed Media Artist


Alex Newman, Photographer

Favorite car: Koenigsegg Agera R

Favorite thing about cars: “The thrill of mashing the pedal and hearing all the different sounds while you get thrown back in your seat, like a roller coaster ride.”

Dream Job: Automotive Engineer


Noah Clement, Photographer

Favorite Car: E34 M5 and VW Bus.

Favorite thing about cars: “The design and engineering that goes into it and the fact that all cars can be built however you want it to be.”

Dream Job: Director/Documentary Filmmaker