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Marcelo Chirinos, Director of Operations

Favorite Car: “A 1970 Datsun 240Z, but I’d take one of everything.”

Favorite thing about cars: “Driving them. This machine we call a car comes alive, and I get to control it.”

Dream Job: “Designing aerodynamic body kits for my own company… or Formula One Racing.”


Connor Lennon, Director of Finance

Favorite Car: Koenigsegg Agera R

Favorite thing about cars: “My favorite thing about cars is more about the culture. Anyone who is a car person knows the difference between them and someone who couldn’t care less about cars. I guess that’s it, that relationship only ‘car people’ understand and appreciate together.”

Dream Job: Investment Management


Tyler Spitzer, President & Director of Branding

Favorite Car: Ferrari Testarossa

Favorite thing about cars: “They can take you just about anywhere you want, at your own pace.”

Dream Job: General Manager of a Major League Baseball team


Diego Judeu, Videographer & Editor

Favorite Car: Dodge Demon

Favorite thing about cars: “The engines!”

Dream Job: “To edit and work with a movie producer.”


Ron Cumberbatch, Videographer

Favorite Car: Audi R8

Favorite thing about cars: “The amount of thought that goes into designing and engineering a car.”

Dream Job: “Owning and operating a clothing manufacturing company.”


Julia Smith, Photographer

Favorite Car: Subaru BRZ tS

Favorite thing about cars: “My favorite thing is seeing all the different types of people that come together to share their love of them. The car community doesn’t discriminate, which is so amazing.”

Dream Job: “My dream job would be to pursue photography professionally and travel the world taking photos of different people and cultures.”


Myles Henry, Photographer

Favorite car: 2000 Integra Type R

Favorite thing about cars: “The connectivity with the machine.”

Dream Job: Mixed Media Artist


Noah Clement, Photographer

Favorite Car: E34 M5 and VW Bus

Favorite thing about cars: “The design and engineering that goes into it and the fact that all cars can be built however you want it to be.”

Dream Job: Director/Documentary Filmmaker


Louis Lu, Journalism & Marketing Intern

Major: Double Concentration in Finance & Marketing

Favorite Car: Regardless of the price, a Porsche 918 Spyder

Favorite things about cars: “Cars embody freedom for me. They provide endless opportunities because there are so many aspects that you can twist and customize. They also carry a plethora of stories with them.”

Dream Job: “Any job that allows me to constantly explore new places on the planet would be considered a dream job for me. In fact, being a consultant seems pretty cool. Not only can I travel to a new city every week, but I also get to use my creativity and personal experience to help clients solve challenging real-world problems.”