Rendezvous 928 – Community through Experience

No matter what facet of car culture you belong to, the joy of driving, tuning and just being around cars is an encompassing experience that brings us all together. Some gatherings, such as “Rendezvous 928,” exercise this idea in spectacular fashion through a gathering of one of the automotive world’s finest members: the Porsche 928.

Highlighting one of Porsche’s most iconic models, Rendezvous 928 called upon 928 owners from across the country to come to the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta, GA in celebration of the very first 928 ever built. While it was held at the Experience Center, the event was hosted by Autohaus Social, a European car repair shop located in the Midtown Atlanta.

The day began with a show and breakfast as various 928’s filled the top deck of the Experience Center. With over 50 cars in attendance, the variety of iterations and specifications of 928’s was as collective as those who drove them. One of the more unique models which attended was a Pasha model of the 928. Being a Pasha model, the interior was decked out in black and white checkerboarding on the seats and door panels. While the color combination would be enough to draw any casual enthusiast in its vicinity, the beautiful condition of the car really made it a standout among the rest of the models on display. The rest of the lot featured a variety of other color combinations, such as a Grand Prix White 928 with color-matched wheels and metallic oak green model with an equally green interior.

The feature car for the show was an 1113 horsepower, drag racer 928. Built by 928 Motorsports, this monster of a car fortifies the 928s nickname of “the shark.” A rear wing with protruding winglets, flared wheel arches, fat drag racing tires and the bulging hood give this car the menacing look a 1,000+ horsepower car deserves. Not to mention, the sound of the engine cranking is enough to set off a car alarm. The folks at 928 Motorsports removed a large amount of the major body panels of the car, exposing its race interior and turbo to the show’s attendees.

Headlining Rendezvous 928 was a showcase of the first 928 ever built. Owned by Andrew Phinney, this automotive icon is driven with the motive to share this car with as many people as possible. As represented through the worn white paint, this 928 is meant to be shared with all those who see it. Phinney encourages everyone to feel the paint and experience the car for themselves. So many cars, new and old alike, are often coddled and lose the very concept that these four-wheeled machines were meant to be. After a brief presentation by the Porsche Classic Center’s Business Development Manager, Ray Shaffer, and a history of the car, Phinney opened the car up to the event’s attendees.

People could look around the car and feel the green-soaked interior detailed with shag-carpet and Pasha-spec checkerboard accents. There was not a single “do not touch” sign or locked door in sight. Phinney’s 928 represents everything Porsche means with their slogan “Lets Sportscar Together” and everything that car culture is. This landmark 928 represents a community of enthusiasts who come from all walks of life to share their passion.

To round off the day, the attendees formed a convoy of 928s and descended upon Atlanta. The thunder of V8s turned I-85 into shark-infested roads. Nearly all the shows attendees joined the cruise from the Experience Center to European Classics Inc. in Doraville, GA. Here the attendees continued to share their passion for all things 928, this time with the smell of grilled hamburgers and hot dogs in the air.

The following morning, the drivers gathered once again to celebrate at Autohaus Social. To pair with the fine display of automobiles, North 2 South Cider and Bratplatz provided delicious beverage and food services to the attendees.

Written by Kevin Barrett

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