Erica Bradley

“My ex-fiance got me into cars. He drives a lightning swapped Mustang, supercharged. He introduced me to the community. I went through Craigslist playing with the idea of getting a Mustang. When I came across this one, I had to have it. I got this car and it was the biggest financial mistake of my life. I absolutely enjoy it. I love this car to death. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” 

Do you do the work on your car?

“I do 99.9% of it until something goes wrong, then my boyfriend checks it out.”

Why did you go with this color?

“Well, the first accident left the car needing a fender change. The guy that did the bodywork recommended that I paint the whole car. I didn’t really want to, but he offered to come up with some ideas. He came back to me with the color Molly Saleen has on her mustang. She’s the only one with that color code. We applied a silver base coat under Furious Fuschia to make it pinker, so I got my own pink color code.”  

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