Brantley Talley, Engineering Student

“My name is Brantley Talley and, I was the Engine and Drivetrain Lead for the Formula SAE team at Kennesaw State University last school year. I oversee my subordinates, by helping with their designs and developing the parts that work directly with the engine. I am also one of the team drivers.” 

“We face engineering challenges such as complying to rules, cost, manufacturability, material application. and deadlines for our work. Calculations have to work, and the parts we make have to be safe and effective. I would say my time is split 50/50 between formula and school with minimal time for personal activities. It’s fun, so it works out.”

“People might not be aware of how hard it is to build one every year. Things get in the way like school, other projects, mistakes, miscalculations that cause setbacks.”

“The process for designing parts includes research, calculations, simulations, manufacturing, then testing. My parts are either welded, water jetted, and 3D metal printed.”

“I’m on the formula team because of my interest in learning things considered part of the ME (Mechanical Engineering)/MET (Mechanical Engineering Technology) division without actually taking those classes. That’s real hands-on experience. I think our experience and knowledge is above most students who aren’t in a similar program. There are just some things you can’t teach in a classroom.”

“My first car was a 1995 BMW M3. My favorite experience with cars was probably the first time I “drove.” I was very young, and I sat on my dad’s lap to steer while he worked the pedals. My dream car is a BMW 3.0 CS.”

“If I weren’t involved with cars, I’d still be doing something with my hands. I don’t really have any other hobbies. I like to spend time with friends, who are also teammates, in my free time.”

“For me, cars are special because they’re just simple yet complicated. A mix of art, technology, power, passion, innovation, and a whole lot more.”

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