We feel responsible for sharing the passion between cars and people, so we focus on the person and the story behind every car. They are what drive car enthusiasm, and without them, without you, there would be no car culture. 

The passion we share can serve as a tremendous influence on anyone. We are working to introduce Atlanta’s youth to the vast world of cars with interactive and educational programs and fundraising for scholarships and sponsorships among other programs. Spreading that passion is our mission, changing lives with cars; inspiring career paths, hobbies and ambitions.

Our work is connecting car enthusiasts within and beyond local communities as well as introduce new faces to this fantastic culture. Whether you’re an everyday car guy or gal, race car driver, entrepreneur, local shop owner, mechanic, engineer, vendor, photographer, journalist or simply a fanatic, there is a place for everyone to fit in.

The Clutch Media is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to every car enthusiast that ever was or will be, for the love of cars.

Atlanta is our home. Volunteer at an event, attend one of our car shows, join the team, or donate to support our community.